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The Pod Company Wins Another Window Display Award For Montpellier!

Again demonstrating the creativity and individuality of Montpellier, we're delighted to hear of yet another accoloade for a Montpellier retailer!

LSA International (world class makers of beautiful glassware) have announced  Montpellier's Pod Company as winners of their Best Mothers' Day Window Display Award 2015.

It's the second window display award for Montpellier Traders - Pink Vintage bagging the Echo sponsored Gold Cup Racing award just a few days ago. 

The LSA press release praised the Pod Company announced "The Pod Company created effective visual  displays by using our high resolution images to create striking backdrops to their windows. The product boxing has been used to add height and colour to the space, whilst fresh flowers, meringues and interior design books are paired beautifully with the products"