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Pink Vintage Wins Gold Cup Window Display Award

Pink Vintage the shop selling pre-loved homewares and antiques came out the winner in the second biggest race of Festival week – The Echo's best dressed windows competition.

Sophie Lydia Smith, Miss Cheltenham, who was one of the judges, presented the show's owners, Silvia and Paul O'Neill with their prize and cheque for £3,000.

She said, of the shop's window display which was a racecourse grandstand filled with Barbie and Ken dolls in handmade tweed costumes and fascinators: "All the windows in town were really good, the standard was really high, but as soon as we got here, we knew we'd found the winner. We all thought so immediately.

"The display is like a work of art, it looks great from a distance but then you get close and there's much more to see and every time I look at it again I see something new."

Paul said: "I can't take any credit, it's all Silvia's work."

And Silvia said: "I think everyone should do this. Thank so much to the Echo, and I hope you do it again next year and I think every shop should enter."