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David Savill Photography


David Savill Photography


Having spent most of my life so far living in the beautiful picturesque location of the Cotswolds in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, I cannot imagine a better place for fantastic Photography opportunities than here! The scenery is truely beautiful providing endless natural Studios and Backdrops with limitless diversity...

Photography has been my passion since 2002 and I've only been lucky enough for it to have been my career in Cheltenham since 2010 however this did help me to start my career with sound grounding, knowledge and practice allowing me to "hit the ground running"

Having tried all kinds of Photography, my passion lays with Headshot, Portrait, Family and Commercial Photography.

Why Headshot and Portrait Photography? because peoples faces and expressions are fastinating! and being able to capture a Headshot or Portraitjust right is possibly the biggest challenge possible in Photography and where so many Photographers go wrong. A Headshot or Portrait has to grab the attention of the viewer immediately, and make the viewer actually feel a positive emotion about the person they see. When a viewer sees a Headshot orPortrait you need that Headshot or Portrait to make the viewer think "I like this person, we would get on well" ... I am convinced this is vital for all ranges of any business, from Acting and Singing, to Modelling, to Entrepreneurs it is vital that you have detailed, tuned Headshots of yourselves everywhere you market yourself.

A Headshot or a Portrait of this standard and detail is difficult to get right, which is why there are not many who specialise in this field, the face is a complicated yet fascinating subject to work with! So many muscles yet if one tiny muscle in the eyebrow or mouth is moved very slightly, an entirely different story about that person is told! I have been researching, studying, and practicing this now for a very long time!

Also, a Corporate Headshot is not something a Client is going to want to have to be paying out for every other month, so it is vital that when a Client of mine receives their Corporate Headshots they know that they will be of such good quality, they will not have to book another appointment with me for 2 - 5 years. Not many Photographers would be working this way but this is how confident I am with my Photography, I have fantastic equipment, and the right skill and knowledge to get the best results out of it.

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